Karl Õiger Tamperes teist korda doktoriks

Tallinna Tehnikaülikooli professor Karl Õiger kaitses tehnikadoktori kraadi Tampere Tehnikaülikoolis 1992. aastal.

18. mail 2012 promoveeriti ta samas kõrgkoolis tehnikateaduste audoktoriks (Doctor Honoris Causa) märkimisväärse teadusliku uurimistöö, uue konstruktsiooni- ja rehabiliteerimisalase arengu ning õppetöö, samuti Tampere Tehnikaülikooliga eduka koostöö eest doktoriõppe ja teadusliku uurimistöö alal.

Kokku pandi audoktori kübar pähe kaheksale inimesele, neli soomlasele ja sama palju välismaalastele, kelle hulka kuulus siis ka Karl Õiger.


Speech to the festive ceremony of doctor honoris causa on May 18 2012 at Tampere University of Technology

Prof. Dr. Karl Õiger

On behalf of all of us I am very delighted that you have decided to award us the Degree of Doctor Honoris Causa. It is very great honour to me to receive this Degree from Tampere University of Technology because I am a doctor of technology and in a very real sense also student of your University. It is the University where I spent one semester on refresher studies and where I composed and defended my doctoral dissertation in 1992.

Since 1991 I have had a continuous connection with Tampere University of Technology through different actions like training programmes, as a lecturer or in the role of an opponent of doctoral dissertations. From my experience I have strong proof that TUT is a very good educational and research institution (center), where you can expand your professional horizons and experience. My doctoral students beeing here in Tampere have emphasized the same educational benefits.

We appreciate highly very good cooperation work with different professors of TUT especially in such fields as energy saving and consumption in residential buildings, very important in Europe and in the whole world now. We have benefited considerably from the works of professor Ralf Lindberg and his students. To add here good advice and assistance in other fields such as renovation of building structures. It should be mentioned that one of the first companies of building renovation in Estonia began to born here in TUT. A special focus today is on repairing and renovation of reinforced concrete structures that have been very badly damaged over the years. In fact, in the long period concrete structures were extensively used and therefore in the next ten years, their repair will be an area of substantial effort.

During the last couple of years a very interesting work in Tallinn was the restoration of about a hundred year old historical concrete hydroplane hangar with its concrete multiple shell roof. It was about ten yers ago that we discussed the possibilities of restoring the structure with professor Ralf Lindberg. Now it has been realized and I am inviting all interested peaople to Tallinn to see this building that is now used as a maritime museum. I dare to think that it is one of the world level buildings and also a museum.

My sincere thanks in the name of all Doctors Honoris Causa ……………… to the Rector of TUT, the President of the Academic Board of Tampere University of Technology for honouring us. We wish you all a pleasant celebration of the ’promootios’. Kaunista promootiojuhlaa. Kiitos huomiosta!


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